Canadian Malayalee Nurses Association Starts Its First Project: NCLEX-RN and PN Preparatory Coaching Classes

Canadian Malayalee Nurses Association held its first meeting with its founding members in April of 2014. CMNA was originally formed as a not-for-profit organization that would act as a platform for Malayalee nurses in Canada to congregate and help one another. The association aims to:

  • Work together in making connections and uniting the vibrant, enthusiastic, and innovative Malayalee nurses of Canada under one banner that encompasses the proudly inherited, unique, cultural, and regional charisma of MALAYALEES.
  • Seek representation in provincial regulatory authorities.
  • Actively partake in union affairs.
  • Offer a platform for new arrivals to make connections that may help them in roaming and seeking professional acceptance and opportunities.
  • Cultivate a nursing community that can collectively contribute to the needs of the Malayalee communities of Canada and Kerala.

After months of working at expanding the group, CMNA held its inaugural ceremony at Natraj Banquet Hall, Mississauga on August 31st, 2014. The official inauguration of the organization was done by Member of Parliament Joe Daniel.  Since then group has worked toward achieving many things. The most recent endeavor taken on by CMNA is the commencement of NCLEX-RN preparatory coaching classes. CMNA is the first cultural organization to develop a curriculum that covers both NCLEX-RN and OSCE at the same time.We are having classes FOR NCLEX RN only in week ends only starting Jan-3 -2015 onwards. Those who want to attend either of the preparatory coaching classes can register online at For information  please call 6475355742.