SUBJECT :  Change in the criteria for Express Entry Immigration to include all candidates who work one year in any category



Currently, any candidate for the Express Entry Immigration, the job, and the work candidates have done in the past, must be skill type 0, or level A or B. This precludes most of those on a student visa. These student visa holders are prospective applicants, most likely to apply for Express Entry.



There are many prospective applicants for Permanent Residency, who are currently in Canada on a student visa, pursuing different academic programmes. Many of them, after successful completion of their studies, have joined the Canadian workforce. Some of them have spent over four years in Canada, both as a student and also working in jobs under Skill Level C or D as per the National Occupational Classification.



These students are ideal candidates for Permanent Residency in Canada as they have attained the necessary skills and experience to continue in the workforce and also have assimilated well with the Canadian society and system. They are surely a better option as future citizens of Canada with liberal values and also be an asset to the nation.



In view of the foregoing, it is requested to consider current student visa holders having over one year work experience as prospective candidates for Permanent Residency in Canada irrespective of their skill levels.


This memorandum is being submitted by the Canadian Malayalee Nurses Association on behalf of the undersigned international students on Student Visa in Canada pursuing various academic qualifications.



Annie Stephen


Canadian Malayalee Nurses Association

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